Mama At Last

A new dawn

It’s a new dawn
It’s a new day
It’s a new life for me… and I’m feeling good.

Mama and son – a new beginning

Indeed it is, and indeed I do. I look back at the photos from a mere year ago when my life started anew. It’s a lot of responsibility, immense joy, very little sleep, a mind in constant chatter on preparing for a stable and fun-filled future for my little one. And here we are, about to move into a new home, our very own. What a blessing!

Every day is such a gift. Life is light. It is not devoid of trial but the beam of sunshine that is my boy is beyond the value of any other part of our terrestrial life. Julian is in bed but on my mind constantly. I miss him. How amazing it is that such a small child can fill such vast space with his presence. I have a couple of hours to be productive before I too crash. I have a long to-do list and prioritizing is difficult when time is limited.

But hey, what’s the worst that can happen if I don’t get it all done?! It’ll all work out and I’ll get it all done in due time. Any time in between of that is spent with my boy and such time is never wasted; it is soaked in my heart and locked away for safe keeping for those days when he’s all grown up and not nestled in my arms anymore. Blessed days.

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