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Stroller Dreams

The same way one dreams of wedding dresses, I’ve dreamed of strollers. For years. I don’t read People magazine often but when I caught a glimpse of a photo of Jennifer Lopez’ newborn twins in the most stunning stroller ten years ago as I walked by the magazine stand, I stopped and stared.

It was a model of the Silver Cross brand, chosen by royals for more than a century. Perhaps it was just a prop. Sure, it isn’t as functional as the space ship look of modern strollers but it’s what I’ve always wanted. I love the big wheeled spacious prams of old. The price tag doesn’t fit my financial reality, but I did find an option that had more function to actually be able to disassemble it and add a pushchair when the time comes. Living on ramen noodles for a couple of months might do the trick to afford it. The brand and model is Inglesina Classica and it’s Italian, which made it all the more special since my ancestry is from Bologna. I’ve also lived there for a time and fell in love with the people and its culture. It’s like it was meant to be.

Facing the reality however that healthy eating habits were more important than the stroller of my dreams, I looked at other options. The brands I considered were Emmaljunga (Emmaljunga Barnvagnsfabrik, the oldest manufacturer of baby strollers in Europe, was founded in Emmaljunga, Sweden in 1925 and is still owned by its founders, the Persson family), Hesba (another family company also founded in 1925, producing exclusively in the factory in Marktgraitz Upper Franconia, Germany) and the more affordable models from Silver Cross (English company founded in 1877 whose founder invented the world’s first baby carriage and further developed an innovative spring system, which combined with a reversible hood to create the first-ever modern pram). I looked at the following models:

Buying new, the cost of the models that interested me didn’t really quite vary all that much from the one I had initially wanted and thus, I searched online for used strollers. Since few others prefer the models I do, the selections are slim. However, I did find a model from Silver Cross, Elegance, that was bought just over a year ago where only the pushchair part had been used for one child. In stores, that model has now been replaced by another, Sleepover, but does not come in the navy, which I prefer. So, I took the train to the country side to meet up, inspect and pay for my stroller and jumped right back on and headed back to the city with my new-found article of baby nesting. I love it!
Come to find out, Kate Middleton was spotted walking little Prince George through Kensington Park in the same model and color I just bought. Yes folks, I’ve got royal taste; what can I say.

Now on to purchase the rest of my shopping list.

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